January 14, 2017

At the end of 2016, I found myself surrounded by too much stuff. Stuff in my home, stuff I buy at the stores, stuff in ads that makes me want more, and stuff. I made a New Year’s…well let’s not call it a resolution, but rather, a life goal. My goal for this year in one word?


In these last two weeks, I have packed one garbage bag full of unwanted clothes, as well as organized my bathroom. Let’s just say a lot of old makeup, hair products, and other unwanted items were trashed. I ended up tossing a half trash bag full. I even emptied one of my small bins and used it to organize my paint supplies. My craft supplies are now organized in other small bins. My plan is to only use/want/buy what I can keep in these small bins. Which brings me to ¬†minigoal (minimalistic goal) #1:


I also want my life to be more planned. I’m juggling meal prep, a full time job, a full time college class schedule, house cleaning/up keep, and on it goes. I want dinner on the table in less than 30. This is minigoal¬†#2:


Lastly, I don’t want to try and shove it all in one day. I want to make small changes and enjoy my life. I want to free up time. I want to have movie nights with my husband, read a few books, and write more. I want to write on my blog and in my traveler’s notebook. I want to keep moving forward. This is minigoal¬†#3:


How has your resolution life goal been going?